By The Book / Cinnamon Rolls

I wasn’t quite sure how a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast would work, but I knew I could trust Jasmine Guillory. Isabelle has spent the last years of working her butt off at a publishing house for pennies forcing her to still live with her parents. And while she is naturally optimistic, it’sContinue reading “By The Book / Cinnamon Rolls”

While We Were Dating / Palm Springs Date Shake

Fake dating turns into real romance with a side of Hollywood glitz and glamour! The newest release from Jasmine Guillory fits nicely into her Wedding Date universe. I’ve loved all of Jasmine Guillory’s novels and this is another winner. The characters are unique and well developed and despite the Hollywood setting, it still felt relatableContinue reading “While We Were Dating / Palm Springs Date Shake”

Party of Two / Chocolate Layer Cake

“Dating is the last thing on Olivia Monroe’s mind when she moves to LA to start her own law firm. But when she meets a gorgeous man at a hotel bar and they spend the entire night flirting, she discovers too late that he is none other than hotshot junior senator Max Powell. Olivia hasContinue reading “Party of Two / Chocolate Layer Cake”

The Proposal / Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes

A public proposal gone awry leads to a meet cute in Jasmine Guillory’s sophomore book, The Proposal. I have found romance novels to be hit or miss, but I have loved all of Jasmine Guillory’s books and eagerly await her new releases. Her characters are well developed and while of course there are some romanceContinue reading “The Proposal / Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes”

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