Anxious People / Chocolate Chip Cookies

In my continued effort to read through Fredrik Backman’s books, I recently read Anxious People. It’s an unlikely story of a random group of people who are taken hostage during an open house for an apartment. As the story unfolds and we learn more about each of the characters and their motivations, you can’t helpContinue reading “Anxious People / Chocolate Chip Cookies”

A Man Called Ove / Swedish Visiting Bars

My first introduction to Fredrik Backman was his book Beartown, which I absolutely love and have recommended to countless people. It is like Friday Night Lights but hockey instead of football and rural Sweden instead of Texas. Since reading Beartown, I have started to go through the rest of Fredrik Backman’s work, including A ManContinue reading “A Man Called Ove / Swedish Visiting Bars”

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