Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine / Impossible Chocolate Cake

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine follows the story of a quirky loner who is confident that the awkwardness that always seems to follow her around is due to the social ineptitudes of everyone else. She lives her life in the most efficient way possible and sticks to her routines. Everything is completely fine, until itContinue reading “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine / Impossible Chocolate Cake”

Little Eyes / Meringue Cookies

I had no idea what to expect when I started Little Eyes by Samanta Schweblin. I hadn’t read a synopsis and just went in blind. Luckily for me, I found it was a really engaging book. It is what I would call “sci-fi lite”. The world Schweblin creates is almost like our own, but withContinue reading “Little Eyes / Meringue Cookies”

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