On The Way To The Wedding / Egg Salad Sandwich

The final Bridgerton book pulls out all the stops with everything from illicit affairs to high treason and kidnapping. It was a fun read and I’ll admit I am a little sad to say goodbye to the Bridgertons. Although I am excited to see how the show reimagines their stories. For my final Bridgerton inspiredContinue reading “On The Way To The Wedding / Egg Salad Sandwich”

It’s In His Kiss / Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake

I’ve been steadily making my way through the Bridgerton book series since I watched the show on Netflix. It’s In His Kiss is the 7th of 8 and follows the story of Hyacinth, the youngest of the Bridgerton clan. She always stood out as the most mischievous of the bunch and her story lived upContinue reading “It’s In His Kiss / Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake”

To Sir Phillip, With Love / Classic English Scones

The fifth Bridgerton book tells Eloise’s story. While she wasn’t a central character in the previous books, she was one of my favorite characters from the show and I was really looking forward to this book. While it started off strong with Eloise trying to take charge of her life and making impulsive decisions, inContinue reading “To Sir Phillip, With Love / Classic English Scones”

Romancing Mister Bridgerton / Blood Orange Pound Cake

Since watching the Netflix show, this is the Bridgerton book that I have been most looking forward to, and I wasn’t disappointed! Colin and Penelope’s story was clever and sweet and everything I hoped for the characters. If Colin wasn’t already likeable to begin with, his bottomless pit of a stomach was an endearing trait.Continue reading “Romancing Mister Bridgerton / Blood Orange Pound Cake”

The Viscount Who Loved Me / Bee’s Knees Cocktail

After watching Bridgerton on Netflix, I have quickly been working my way through the book series that the show is based on. The second book, which I assume the second season will follow, focuses on the eldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony. Anthony is much more likeable in the books than in the show, however he stillContinue reading “The Viscount Who Loved Me / Bee’s Knees Cocktail”

Bridgerton / London Fog Shortbread Cookies

This is another example of seeing the show before the book. I really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait to get to know more of the Bridgerton clan. Since it will be a while before the next season is released, I am currently on the library wait list for the first 3 books ofContinue reading “Bridgerton / London Fog Shortbread Cookies”

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