This Is Not The Jess Show / Bagel Bites

I went into this book knowing nothing about the plot and I am so happy I did. If you can avoid reading a synopsis, I highly recommend it. The book starts normally enough but then little by little everything starts to feel off. I had so many theories as to what was actually going on and the big reveal did not disappoint. Once the reveal happened, everything felt a little rushed but, in the end, it was a fun and engaging read.

I don’t think it spoils anything to say that the story takes place in the 90s and the 90s nostalgia definitely hit hard. I decided to make a 90s themed reading snack for this book – Bagel Bites. You don’t really need a recipe for this especially if you are lazy like me and buy pre-made mini bagels. Just dress the bagels to your preference and then pop in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes and enjoy! If you have the time and patience, toast the bagels without any toppings for a few minutes first so the sauce doesn’t make the bagels soggy.

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