Little Women / Snow Cake

Little Women was one of my favorite books growing up. I love to read and I have three sisters – I was definitely the target demographic. In second grade, I practiced public speaking by reading the book out loud to my knockoff American Girl dolls.  

In honor of one of my favorite books, I decided to try my hand at an historical recipe. This Snow Cake recipe is from a centennial cookbook that can be found in the digital collection of the Science History Institute. While Little Women is set in the early 1860s, I figured a recipe from 1876 would still be a pretty good representation of baking from the time period. The directions were pretty scarce, I’ve made enough cakes in my life that I was able to figure out how to make it work. I even put together a little video of the process for you to enjoy.

Below is the recipe copied from J.W. Colton’s Choice Cooking Recipes from the Science History Institute’s digital collection.

“One-half cup of Butter, half cup of sweet Milk, two cups of Sugar, three eggs, two cups of flour, one spoonful of Soda, beat a great deal. Flavor, Colton’s Extract of Vanilla.”

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